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How to get selected by the cruise lines...

  • Do your research first. Do not blindly mail out costly press kits or application packets. Read the information throughout the cruise companies' Websites (see our links page). Find out if there are specific guidelines for submitting applications.

  • Even if you have previously submitted materials, try reorganizing, updating, and resubmitting your presentation to fit the current needs of the cruise companies. Research the demographics of the onboard audience, and learn which ports and destinations will be visited by the vessel.

  • Write titles of your topics to suit this particular group, with a one to two sentence description of content. Clear, powerful titles are a big aid in drawing an audience, and catching the eye of those reviewing your material. Do not send a pamphlet geared to corporate or business topics. Cruise guests are interested in personal topics.

  • Focus on your presentation style. A good speaker must have an entertaining, dynamic style of delivery, and this is particularly important on a cruise ship. Use humor and plan to involve the audience. Participation and interaction are always a hit.

  • Your resume / brochure, letters of recommendation and photos are important, but your detailed outline of your presentations for the cruise guests is what counts. Begin with a proposal for a special program for the cruise. List five or six topics with interesting titles, then a short two to three sentence description of content for each topic. A typical onboard presentation is 40-45 minutes in length. Plan to use up-to-date visuals whenever possible, and remember that handouts are desirable and helpful.

  • Get a great videotape. Send a copy that can be kept--not the original! It can be a self-made video recorded by an associate or a friend, and can reveal a more personal, less business side—which is important to the atmosphere aboard ship.

  • At times, finding another presenter to share a cabin and a speaking role can increase your chances of cruising. Offering yourself as a team benefits the cruise company twofold.

  • Send all of the assembled written work at one time in a large, flat envelope. This makes it easier to handle, and is appreciated.

  • Update your passport now, and start thinking about your cruise wardrobe. Many invitations become available with little notice, so have your suitcase ready.

  • Remember, needs and changes occur constantly. Update your file with new topics, titles and ideas. Expand old topics and develop new ones for other areas of the world. Do your research now and be ready when the timing is best!

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